Amy Whitehead

Amy Whitehead Digital Communications Executive

I work in the digital marketing team at RSM. My role is mostly made up of working on the website, creating email marketing campaigns, and posting on our corporate social media accounts. I also work on all things digital at RSM; including webinars, YouTube, and helping to boost the company’s employer brand. 

Prior to working in the marketing team, I worked in the internal recruitment team at RSM. When the vacancy in the digital team came up, I applied for and got the job even though I had no prior experience – the team have trained me up very well! Before this, I worked at a recruitment agency and also in the HR team at my local council. 

The thing I enjoy most about working at RSM is the variety in my job – I have a national remit so I cover a wide range of responsibilities, meaning that no two days are the same. It also means that I get to interact with a wide range of people from all over the company; plus there’s always a social event going on, so it never gets boring!