Business sales

RSM can help you find buyers, make your business more attractive and negotiate the best possible terms for your business’ sale.

RSM’s corporate finance practice specialises in helping the shareholders of medium-sized, private businesses secure maximum value when they decide to exit. As an owner-manager you may be selling the business that you have worked a lifetime to build. As an equity investor you may be selling an important asset in your portfolio. It is therefore vital that you choose an advisor that understands the unique pressures of running a private business, as well as the motivations and expectations surrounding your business sale.

We can help to manage the entire sale process, including:

  • identifying relevant buyers on a global basis who have the strategic rationale and capability to undertake a deal;
  • helping to prepare your business to maximise its attractiveness to the chosen pool of potential buyers;
  • creating competitive tension between the potential buyers;
  • project managing what can be a complicated process to achieve the right result quickly, efficiently whilst protecting the business; and
  • leading (with you) the negotiations to achieve the best possible terms

We will ensure that we as a team remain in control of the sale process, from start to finish.

Our internal research capabilities and coordinated RSM International teams ensure that no stone is left unturned in identifying buyers from across the globe. In addition, RSM’s transactions tax team will get involved at an early stage, meaning the transaction can be structured in the most appropriate manner.

When it comes to the benefits of working with us on your business sale, please don’t take us at our word. We invite you to review some of our more recent deals, and to speak to some of our previous clients.