Enhanced Tax compliance service FAQ

Why should I take out ETCS?

How does the ETCS work?

The ETCS is an extension to our normal tax return completion service whereby, for a fee, RSM can handle issues raised by HMRC’s compliance checks at no additional cost to you.

When does the ETCS start?

The service relates to enquiries or disputes commenced on or after the date on which we receive payment of the ETCS fee. All you need to do is let us know when a compliance check starts.

What happens if I am a new RSM client?

Open compliance checks cannot be included within the service. However, unrelated new checks starting after you have become an ETCS client will potentially fall within the service, even if the tax returns involved have been completed by you or by a previous tax agent.

How does the helpline support me?

The Business Support Helpline provides our business clients access to telephone advice from a team of experts. This is offered as part of the ETCS, so all you pay is the cost of a non-premium rate phone call. Advice is provided from a dedicated team of legal consultants, barristers, solicitors and legal executives where you can ask questions in regards to legal contract matters, landlord, tenant or property queries and employment, health and safety matters. Details of the helpline will be made available upon taking up the service.

If an enquiry extends into previous years’ tax returns, is the ETCS still available?

Yes, providing you are a current RSM client and subject to the exclusions listed.

What happens if RSM prepares both my personal and business tax returns?

For example, if you are a director in a company or a partner in a partnership, the ETCS fee will only be charged in respect of the business, ie the company or the partnership.