Enterprise management incentives share options

Provide your employees with the opportunity to share in company growth and benefit from entrepreneurs relief like the main shareholders. 

Enterprise management incentives share options enable you to incentivise your team to grow the company with little to no expense. These options can enhance the recruitment and retention of employees by providing several benefits including: 

  • greater employee incentivisation and rewards; 
  • employee gains tax is deferred up to 22 months after the employee sells the shares;
  • performance conditions that can directly link rewards to performance; 
  • no income tax liability; 
  • no loss of control for existing shareholders;
  • succession planning for existing shareholders; and 
  • corporation tax deduction for the employer company equal to the employees gains. 

RSM’s experienced employer solutions team can help with create and implement the right enterprise management incentive options for your business, helping to ensure that both you and your employees are getting the most out of the options available to you. 

For more information about enterprise management incentive options please download our guide