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In May 2017 the funding approach to apprenticeships was radically transformed with the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, formal contracts with employers, 20 per cent off the job training requirement, mandatory employer contributions for certain apprentices, a range of data changes in the ILR and changes to the way provision is actually funded. These rules have themselves not stood still since May 2017, but have been changed frequently by the Education & Skills Funding Agency.

In response to this, providers have had to amend and adapt their existing controls to meet the new requirements. The question for any provider after significant and ongoing change is always, ‘Have we addressed all the changes in the design of our controls and how effectively have we implemented them?’

Organisations must review their controls framework and implementation so that degrees of compliance with new funding rules can be effectively and thoroughly established.

Reviews should cover:

  • contracts between providers and employers;
  • pricing;
  • any co-investment;
  • applicability of small employer waivers;
  • maths and English requirements;
  • monitoring of activity;
  • completion and achievement; and
  • data compliance, including PDSATs and Hub reports.

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The Provider Data Self-Assessment Toolkit can seem complicated, find out more here.

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It is an unfortunate fact that allegations of fraudulent activity, taking place in relation to learners and funding, happen. Providers should appoint independent, experienced investigators to follow up on such allegations

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Funding assurance reviews: carrying out a detailed review of a sample of your apprentices for compliance with the funding rules will give you a better understanding of your risk profile.

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