External quality assessment reviews

Let RSM’s specialists work with you to ensure your processes and practices conform to the Global Institute of Internal Auditors’ International Standards.

An External Quality Assessment (EQA) is a review of the processes and practices within the Internal Audit function. The scope can vary from a technical EQA to a full effectiveness review of an internal audit function. In undertaking an EQA we can help you:

  • assess how well your organisation’s internal audit function conforms to the Global Institute of Internal Auditors’ international standards as well as to other applicable standards, such as the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards (PSIAS) and the Financial Services Code, amongst others;
  • evaluate the performance of your internal audit in light of the established Charter and expectations of senior management; and
  • identify areas of improvement, including how the value of the internal audit can be enhanced.

We also help heads of internal audit and their teams in the form of training, methodology and technical support.

Our support extends beyond heads of internal audit to internal audit functions as a whole, and we offer a range of internal audit supporting technologies, such as web-based questionnaire and audit-action-tracking software.

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