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Our international development services team works to ensure that your aid – whether in cash or in kind – is spent effectively. Find out more about the audit and investigation services we provide in partnership with various organisations.

Donors and implementing partners alike have a responsibility to both taxpayers and beneficiaries to ensure that all aid is disbursed effectively, efficiently and in a non-corrupt way. This responsibility applies not only when a donor is procuring directly in support of its programmes, but also when funds are being managed by contractors, NGOs, recipient governments or other development partners. RSM’s dedicated international development services team works all over the world, delivering a wide range of audit and investigation services on behalf of the international donor community.

The team has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in more than 30 countries, and has over 50 years of combined experience. In addition, team members are Hostile Environment Trained (HEAT) and security vetted to ensure that the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality are maintained. We work in partnership with governments, Auditor Generals, charities and NGOs, providing a range of donor assurance services to the international development community. The team specialises in undertaking in-depth audit and forensic investigations into grants and bi-lateral/multilateral funding, providing audit-related technical assistance and supporting capacity development. Key services include:

  • governance investigation and reviews;
  • in-depth project reviews covering all aspects of project activity;
  • specialist technical audits;
  • specialist procurement audits;
  • internal audit provision for international public sector organisations;
  • project due diligence assignments;
  • grant and funding audits;
  • IT audit and assurance services; and
  • capacity development on enterprise risk management, internal control and internal audit work.

For further information and advice, contact Richard Smith.

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