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Use the Insight4GRC product suite to manage your governance, risk and compliance issues. 

The products that form part of the Insight4GRC suite provide management teams with the tools needed to monitor and control performance, assess organisational risks, track assigned actions, enable employee awareness and facilitate company policy awareness and acceptance. RSM also delivers training with each of the products. As one of the largest business advisory firms in the UK, we can provide advisory and support services where appropriate - ensuring your organisational aims are met with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The Insight4GRC products address a range of business critical risk issues, and are used by many leading institutions in both the public, private and third sectors. The products are:

  • 4risk – risk management software;
  • 4action – action tracking software;
  • 4policies – policy awareness and acceptance software; and
  • 4learning – e-learning software.

Your organisational status – at a glance

Organisations can choose from whichever products in the Insight4GRC suite address their business needs, and all are presented through the Insight4GRC dashboard. This dashboard gives management and staff an interface from which they can view information from across all of their chosen products. You can use the dashboard task list to jump straight to the area that needs your attention - regardless of the product module in which it belongs.
As the Insight4GRC suite is browser based, you can access and control it through the internet from wherever you are.

Click the link to visit the Insight4GRC website.To find out more about how the Insight4GRC product suite can help manage your organisational risks, or to arrange a demonstration, please get in touch with Matt Humphrey.

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