Contract management training

High profile cases of overspending due to ineffective management of contracts regularly hit the news headlines. Why do these contract failures occur?

Effective management of your contracts is key to maximising value, managing risk and preventing contract failures. Our dedicated team have a wealth of experience across the private and public sector to help you do this and get the best value from your contracts.

We offer private training courses for your organisation at a location of your choice and public training courses hosted within our offices. 

Our training will highlight best practice in how to manage contracts with third party suppliers in order to utilise your organisation’s most valuable assets. We can help you and your team to secure the best commercial outcomes for your company. Designed around best practice methodologies and tools, we can equip you with the knowledge and skills to optimise your current resources and relationships. With our expertise and experience we can provide you with real life experience and case studies.

Key learning areas

  • Understanding the required contract management processes and controls based on a comprehensive leading practice contract management framework.
  • How to analyse and categorise key contracts and supplier relationships to identify those that need specific attention and also to tailor and focus contract management controls to best impact.
  • Risks and opportunities throughout the contract life cycle – what to do when contracts and commercial relationships are at their most vulnerable and are critical to high impact activities.
  • Commercial risk transfer and how this should be understood to tailor and prioritise contract management.

For more information please contact our trainer and Head of Contract Risk and Procurement, Walter Akers, who has worked with some of the world’s leading multinational companies, across a number of industries, as well as UK central government departments and local authorities. Or download our detailed training course PDF.

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contract management - one day training course

Your relationships and contracts with third party suppliers are amongst your organisation’s most valuable assets. Are you equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage them?


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