Tracker early warning system

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Tracker is a sophisticated business risk management system that offers a whole range of operational and strategic benefits. These include real-time warnings of adverse events regarding clients, prospects or suppliers, based on a wide range of trusted data sources. Users can see anything from a simple address change through to administration orders, unadvertised petitions, High Court writs and more.

The valuable reporting tools in Tracker help you to analyse the financial health of individuals and businesses in real time, using highly customisable searches and alerts. Results are cleansed against your own data, so you see only the details that matter most, and you can also remedy any gaps or errors in your database.

Tracker helps to eliminate ‘missed’ insolvency cases, and to provide crucial information on upcoming creditor meetings, for both corporate and personal debts. It is used by banks, accountants, SMEs, local councils, financial directors and others to analyse anything from a single customer to an entire client database – including the creation of whole-portfolio ‘health’ ratings via Portfolio Risk Manager. The system can also generate targeted marketing lists, allowing you to contact prospects who are more likely to say ‘yes’.

‘Smart’ alerts allow you to create your own tailored risk warning trigger points. For example, you can choose to see all address changes (or none), or CCJs/unadvertised petitions, or you might specify CCJs above £5,000, or three or more director resignations.

Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM)

Offering the ultimate extension to Tracker, the sister service Portfolio Risk Manager provides larger clients with a seamless service using live, shared data. It encompasses everything from risk alerts through to insolvency claim management, with dramatic reductions in workload.

The benefits:

  • data on all UK limited companies, PLCs and LLPs, plus individuals and partnerships;
  • fewer bad debts, better credit control and lower risk of fraud;
  • real-time alerts, e.g. unadvertised petitions and approaching creditors’ meetings;
  • your own custom ‘smart’ alert triggers;
  • competitor and supplier information plus goal-driven marketing lists;
  • data cleansing to monitor, review and verify your portfolio;
  • whole-portfolio ‘health’ ratings (PRM); and
  • online access across your entire enterprise.

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