Local authority insolvency support service

Local Authorities often see warning signs too late when individuals or businesses in their jurisdiction experience financial stress – reducing the amount they can recover from money owed to them.

Our online Local Authority Insolvency Support Service (LA-ISS) is free for all local authorities and empowers recovery officers to maximise debt collections in insolvency claims and pre-insolvency situations.

LA-ISS provides councils with tailored alerts to emerging credit risks in their jurisdiction and a comprehensive insolvency service covering individuals and corporate entities in relation to outstanding debts for council tax, non-domestic rates, and all sundry debt.

Earlier warnings, more time to act

Using daily feeds from the High Courts and Insolvency Service, LA-ISS has the unique ability to alert councils of corporate and personal insolvency petitions within 48 hours of being issued.

LA-ISS shows petitions at issue stage via a secure online portal, typically four to six weeks before insolvencies are publicly advertised in the London Gazette. This gives recovery officers crucial time to act effectively ahead of other creditors. 

Restructuring timeline

Councils can see the petitioning creditor and easily support or reject a petition within the system. Councils can also view unadvertised and withdrawn petitions, enabling them to review credit agreements with businesses potentially at risk. 

Key benefits of LA-ISS:

  • Receive alerts of petitions at issue stage - four to six weeks ahead of other creditors.
  • Track advertised petitions and outcomes. 
  • Easily ‘support’ or ‘reject’ a petition for bankruptcy or liquidation.
  • Submit and monitor claims.
  • Access free downloads of Companies House documents.
  • Receive alerts to address changes, CCJs, petitions, and more.
  • View predictive credit scores (1-100) for businesses over next 12 months.
  • View company summaries of financials, charges, directors, structure, and more.
  • Minimise toxic debt and maximise pre-insolvency collections.

Developed in partnership with councils, and upgraded to include new, dynamic data sets, LA-ISS is free and easy to use. We also provide comprehensive online customer care and on-site training.

Register for free now at our online portal. - https://laiss.rsmuk.com/login

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