High value bank collections

Our high value bank collection service specialises in the recovery of high value debt, including personal guarantees. We bring our thorough and bespoke approach to every case.

We are unique in the marketplace in that we employ only recovery people with vast experience in the debt recovery industry. These include ex-HMRC staff and former recoveries managers from major high street banks. Every member of our team has the life experience it takes to understand the wide variety of financial problems our customers encounter. We do not operate in a call centre environment. We have experience of the challenges of modern day living and the problems we all face in the current economic climate.

All of our recovery team are accredited to CSA standards, having all passed the CAI Test. Our qualified team is led by our two experienced directors who provide a hands-on approach to delivering this service to our clients and customers.

If necessary, as part of RSM we have access to specialist Insolvency Practitioners and we can interview customers under oath, to fully ascertain their current financial situation and to understand what has happened. We can also use our online financial Tracker system to locate information relating to other assets and business interests.

Our standards 

We are a registered firm with the Lending Standards Board, adhere to the Standards of Lending Practice and are audited regularly by our clients, to ensure that we remain fully compliant in relation to all aspects of these standards. 

We are also an Associate Subscriber to the Lending Standards Board, which means that we have been independently audited by them and will continue to be audited to ensure that we remain fully complaint with the Standards of Lending Practice, in all of our dealings with our customers. We follow the Lending Standard's statement of commitment and borrower responsibilities (SCBR), which details our commitments and what we ask of you. 

Complaint procedures

On receipt of a complaint, if we have sufficient information available to respond fully, we will aim to respond to the complaint within 48 hours. If we need more information from our client, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint on the day it is received by us and at the same time we will send a copy of your complaint to our client seeking sufficient information to allow us to respond. Our client may choose to respond directly to you at this point.

We will keep you posted every step of the way and aim to deal with your issues within 4 weeks. We always hope that we are able to sort out your issues, however, if we have been unable to satisfy your complaint or have not sent you our final response after 8 weeks, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman:  

Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza
183 Marsh Wall, London
E14 9SR


+44 (0)808 1784 530

To find out more about our high value bank collection service, please get in touch with Dilip Dattani.