International outsourcing

When it comes to international outsourcing, RSM has built up unique expertise by focusing on the needs of middle-market clients. Let us put our global network of specialists to use for the benefit of your growing organisation. 

Businesses with an international footprint face ever-more complex challenges as they address their accounting and regulatory reporting needs around the world. In typical cases, the road is especially rocky during periods of expansion into new markets.

In this context, RSM has focused its attention very clearly on the specific needs of middle-market clients. We will help your business navigate the challenging regulatory environment, whether your organisation is:

  • venture capital backed;
  • privately or publicly owned;
  • already with an established worldwide footprint; and 
  • focused on major international growth.

Whatever the nature and aims of your business, we’ll design the optimal international accounting and compliance model for its needs.

We’ll support you by delivering local country regulatory and compliance services through our RSM network. This extends to:

Delivery of these services is managed by our project management hub. Our project management team deploy a workflow tracking tool providing a single access point for the client, through which you can manage all of your globally outsourced services. Critically, our team actively manage the compliance deadlines of their clients, knowing who to reach out to and when to deliver that global compliance. You can see a short video on how our team achieve this here.

Analyse, deliver, improve

We provide our multi-country services to middle-market clients through an outsourcing journey: analysis to delivery to improvement.


If you are considering the outsourcing of some or all of your organisation’s international accounting or regulatory compliance requirements, we can provide initial support at the analyse stage. For example, we can help you by:

  • constructing a robust business case for outsourcing key process activities;
  • defining your international accounting and regulatory compliance requirements;
  • conducting a risk-based review of your current international responsibilities; and
  • building a detailed scope and resourcing model, locally and globally.


RSM has brought together a proven delivery model to handle international accounting and compliance work. This combines our established global network of members, centralised project management office and workflow technology. This not only helps to manage key deadlines and tasks, but also provides a window into the state of your compliance and outsourcing responsibilities.

Our approach offers:

  • a series of packages of compliance and outsourcing services, which are tailored to the needs of middle-market clients;
  • a service that is partner-led and senior resource-led;
  • the prioritisation and management of change; and
  • a charter for collaborative working that we use to manage our governance process with clients.


The Improve stage is underpinned by close collaboration with our consulting practice and their expertise in finance function design, process improvement, and the evaluation and implementation of technology. We work together, looking for both incremental improvements as well as more significant, strategic improvements which we can make to ensure you get the highest value from our service.

Please get in touch with Ian Sadler to learn more about the global compliance and reporting services we can provide.