Global payroll and HR services

Global payroll

Managing a global workforce is a difficult task. Not only do you have numerous local regulatory regimes to comply with, but you must also find a way to motivate and engage your staff who all operate within varied cultures and priorities.

It is critical to get your payroll right - but how do you control a global payroll?

RSM’s global payroll capability can help your business by providing a fully managed, or centrally coordinated service, working with your existing payroll provider or RSM teams. The benefit for you is that a supervised process with a central contact point ensures that everyone gets paid on time and any escalations are dealt with effectively.

Our market leading technology platform enables safe GDPR complaint sharing of local payroll information and gives both clients and local payroll providers direct access to data. The RSM team will ensure that the dataflows necessary to process payrolls are correct and unhindered.

The service we provide includes analytical data for payroll and compensation spend, the format and data elements that a client might want to see would be agreed during our proven onboarding process.

We also work with internal colleagues to ensure actions in additional countries are managed and our understanding of the global market means that our local experts can advise you on the best way to set up your business and payroll function.

Don’t forget HR…

We also work closely with our HR team. Where you experience evolving management needs with your people, our strategic HR consultancy team can be utilised. We have strong expertise in employee relations and generalist HR issues, in addition to projects such as global engagement strategies, organisational change and TUPE / redundancy interventions. 

What are the benefits of using RSM for your global payroll?

  • We continuously review our service as our aim is to help you become more efficient.
  • Our intuitive platform allows us to process data as well as notifying stakeholders of upcoming tasks, meaning nothing is missed.
  • We provide you with a single point of contact, so you don’t have to worry about knowing every RSM in each country you operate in.
  • Our knowledge of in country regulations means we can help you remain compliant.