Entering international markets

Expanding into markets outside the UK is a challenging undertaking. You have assessed the jurisdictions and have found a gap in your market. As a result of this, your organisation will find your finance, accounting and workforce activities growing more complex. Ensuring all regulatory registrations and filings are made on a timely basis and local employment obligations and payroll needs are met, is crucial if you are to keep your focus on building your business’ footprint.

Through our RSM member firm network across 120 countries globally, we can offer advice and guidance on those first steps, the vehicle through which you should enter a new market, the finance and people obligations you will meet and the pros and cons of a centralised delivery verses local delivery model in each country. 

Once established, you must remain on top of all your internal and regulatory obligations, year on year – this can be hard with remote operations or with multiple service providers across the world. Our Global Compliance and Reporting Services (GCRS) team can give you visibility into your requirements, and can help you access the experts that you need locally. 

Wherever you are operating in the world, our GCRS project management office (PMO) can act as your single point of contact in coordinating and managing all this work on your behalf.

For more information on how we can help you expand into international markets, please contact Jo Newman or Philip Gale, or find out more about the RSM Global Network.

global growth

With global mobility becoming increasingly common, we have outlined key considerations and practical advice to help you ensure that your business prospers from global growth. 

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