Project initiation

We help you manage change better - identifying the critical upfront actions you need to set up your change initiative for success.

Too many projects and programmes fail to deliver their benefits on time, on budget, and at an acceptable level of risk. Evidence shows this often stems from poor project or programme initiation.

A more structured and considered approach to initiation is needed when:

  • your project or programme is bigger or more complex than anything your organisation has attempted before;
  • requirements may be vague or undecided;
  • your organisation’s projects or programmes typically fail to deliver all their objectives;
  • there are multiple sponsors, perhaps with differing business requirements;
  • multiple sources of funding are needed;
  • you are using a project or programme approach not tried by your organisation before;
  • there are many and varied stakeholders; or 
  • governance regime is blurred. 

Our projects and programmes team can help by using the Project Initiation Routemap which assesses the capability of key members of the delivery team against the relative complexity of the project or programme, identifies the complexity-capability gaps, and makes recommendations to close those gaps.

RSM helped develop the Project Initiation Routemap on behalf of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) within HM Treasury.

Contact Andy Murray or Nigel Bennett to find out more on how to boost your organisation’s capability to deliver your change better.