Continuous improvement (Lean Sigma)

The only certainty in business is change. Creating a continuous improvement culture enables your business to relish change and strive for excellence in every way.

The disciplines of continuous improvement have been perfected over the last 70 years and now successfully deployed in every sphere of operational businesses and organisations, all around the world.

Anywhere that people, equipment, material and information interact - be it a shop floor or an operating theatre - can be optimised and continuously improved by using Lean Sigma tools. Lean Sigma is much more than a tool set; it’s a state of mind and can become a way of life.

The leadership behaviours required to make a Lean Sigma organisation a success are not always intuitive. RSM can coach and develop leaders at every level of your organisation. They will learn the most effective responses to operational issues, starting with practical problem solving and taking them on into the latest theories of motivation from behavioural science.

Standard methods, rigour, data analysis, active management and intelligent application of theory are our principles. Every operational task, in a factory, in an office, in a bakery, or on a hospital ward, can be improved daily. RSM can help you find out how to optimise your business.

RSM deploys Lean Sigma using a Roadmap approach, starting with the basics of workplace organisation (5S), installing visual management and short interval control (load-levelling, Just In Time), creating empowered teams and warning systems (autonomous maintenance, minimum inventory, error-proofing), before moving on to policy deployment, quality at source, flow creation, bottleneck elimination, constraint and value stream mapping.

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