Coaching and mentoring

We can help you deliver change more effectively by coaching and mentoring your sponsors, projects/programme leaders and their teams to develop the skills they need to carry out their roles in an effective way.

Our clients, in both public and private sector, are operating in an increasingly complex environment, and need to adapt and change faster than ever before. Change programmes affect more a complex set of stakeholders and wider demographic, delivering often uncertain outcomes. This requires a new set of skills of sponsors and project/programme leaders. It requires a mix of technical, political and leadership skills.

How do you increase focus on outcomes in project teams? How can sponsors best provide challenge, creating an environment of honesty and transparency which encourages questioning and challenge? How can you build resilience and reach fuller potential in this often lonely role?

Organisations often rely on structured training to educate and upskill teams or individuals. Such training is clearly beneficial, but can have limitations to truly embed principles, tools and techniques. The most effective way to make learning stick, is to follow it up with coaching and mentoring. Coaching and mentoring facilitate transfer of training, building on the knowledge gained in the training. They help embed it by focusing on an individual’s ability to integrate the learning, setting goals and monitoring results.

To help your change we provide coaching to enhance an individual leader’s capability to help deal with specific issues, while our mentoring focuses on the overall development of the professional.

As well as helping develop and embed technical sponsorship, project and programme management skills, our coaches provide focussed support to individuals, designed to develop their ability to see beyond their current known constraints, equipping sponsors and project/programme leaders to deal with disfunction, manage relationships, apply leadership styles appropriate to the situation, build resilience, embrace ambiguity and uncertainty, and develop leadership skills so that they can deliver projects/programmes more effectively.

Experience tells us the one-to-one relationship is the key to successful coaching, so we always choose our coach to provide the best fit. We have coached and mentored members of Executive teams, Programme Sponsors, Heads of Programme, Programme Managers and PMO personnel. We also work with management teams delivering a project, programme or portfolio. In this way we’re able to enhance an organisation’s internal capability at one or more management levels.

Our coaching approaches support the delivery of change, working to fully embed a range of best practices, tools and techniques – LEAN, Six Sigma, MSP, P3O and PRINCE2. 

We seek to measure and report the effectiveness of our coaching. As your capability develops, we look to manage the withdrawal of our coaching support at the earliest opportunities.

Contact Andy Murray or Tanya Durlen to find out more on how to boost your organisation’s capability to deliver your change better.

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