Capability development

We can help you develop your people, processes, policies and systems to make them fit to deliver the changes you need.

Has prior investment in capability not yielded the desired improvement in performance?  Do you recognise the need to improve capability but don’t know where to start?  

This is where our capability development services can help by targetting the right investments for demonstrable improvements by considering ‘change’ capability as a whole system rather than isolated parts, e.g. a new training programme or a new tool.

Our capability development services cover:

  • individual capability;
  • team capability; and
  • organisational capability.

For consistent and repeatable implementation of change, organisations require a blend of behavioural, technical and contextual competencies across all levels.

Assessing and developing capability

Our integrated approach to developing capability is based on a maturity model approach.  This ensures the right level of capability is introduced at the right time and in the area that will yield the biggest improvements.

We are experts in the application of maturity models and have taken a leading role in the development and application of the P3M3® maturity model. Our consultants are licensed to use P3M3 under the Axelos Consulting Partner scheme, and you will benefit from our experience of helping hundreds of organisations improve their change capability using P3M3. 

Contact Andy Murray or Nigel Bennett to find out more on how to boost your organisation’s capability to deliver your change better.

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