Capability assessments

We can help you assess and develop your people and improve your organisation’s capability to deliver projects and programmes.

Our capability assessments cover:

  • individual competence;
  • team competence; and
  • organisational competence.
Assessing and developing capability 

Individual Competence - do you have the right people in the right roles?

Are you:

  • struggling to get the right people working on the right project or programme?;
  • uncertain as to the skills and development needs of your people?; or
  • not able to identify where the best return on your investment in training, coaching and mentoring is?

For consistent and repeatable successful project and programme delivery, organisations require a blend of behavioural, technical and contextual competencies across all levels.

Our integrated approach to assessing competence and formulating improvement plans using the Association for Project Management’s Competence Framework enables you to understand your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in project management capability, and the improvements that be made.

Organisational Competence - are you seeking strategic advantages, efficiencies and quality in performance and delivery?

Are you seeing:

  • investments in training or tools failing to deliver the expected improvements?;
  • project failures despite having developed a best practice method?;
  • initiatives slipping under the radar of governance controls?;
  • the project management office is generating;
  • too much paperwork?; or
  • supplier contracts are inappropriately set up or managed?

We can help you independently assess your organisation’s portfolio, programme and project management capability, identify what capability you want in the future, and how to get there. 

We are thought leaders in the application of maturity models and have taken a leading role in the development and application of the P3M3® maturity model. Our consultants are licensed to deliver P3M3 assessments under Axelos Limited’s accreditation scheme, and you will benefit from our experience of delivering hundreds of P3M3 assessments. 

Contact Andy Murray or Nigel Bennett to find out more on how to boost your organisation’s capability to deliver your change better.

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