Qualitative and quantitative research

We design robust methodologies to answer your research questions, using both quantitative and qualitative tools, to provide robust evidence on what is happening, and how and why it is happening.

The starting point for our work always involves meeting you to decide exactly what questions you need to ask, and what format the answer needs to be in so that you can react accordingly. We can guide you through the full process of the design, piloting and implementation of survey research using on line, telephone and face to face interviews.

We have the research skills to design questionnaires, qualitative discussion guides, and stratified sampling frames which are robust enough to help shape policy and strategy and to inform what actions would be most effective.

We can also facilitate focus groups, panel research and expert advisory groups. We use case studies and often video diaries to demonstrate evidence of causal relationships made explicit in the theory of change.

To find out more about how our research methodologies can enable your organisation to make more informed decisions, please contact Jenny Irwin.