Economic intelligence and forecasting

Complex research and change forecasting

We are skilled in assessing the available data for an area or industrial sector, augmenting it with survey research, and using our knowledge of public policy and economics to forecast change.  We provide the following services:

  • Local economic profiling
    Our profiling expertise can assist local authorities with their planning and strategy. Similarly we can provide a market profile for businesses seeking to expand.
  • Employment and floorspace forecasting
    We are able to assess future demand for skilled workers and employment land for development.
  • Population and labour market forecasting
    We assess the supply and skill levels of the local labour force and the availability of training and qualifications.

Through the use of economic data provided by the Office for National Statistics, central government departments, and other official bodies we can provide you with the capability to analyse your local economies to identify strengths and weaknesses relative to your neighbours and competitors, and to the national economy as a whole.

We use a variety of analysis and modelling including robust statistical testing of survey research, multivariate regression analysis to isolate the drivers of change and input-output analysis of supply chain impacts. Our net additionality calculations establish the extent to which programmes are responsible for local change, and what would have happened without these programmes.

To find out more about how economic intelligence and forecasting can enable your organisation to make more informed decisions, please contact Jenny Irwin.