Programme and policy evaluation

What is programme and policy evaluation?

The public sector needs to be assured that they are investing their limited funds to achieve the best outcomes. Similarly, private sector organisations, utilising public funding, must also demonstrate that they are making a value for money contribution to government policy.

In order to do this these organisations need to evaluate the impact of their policies and programmes. These evaluations can take the form of extensive data collection, research and analysis and they enable the organisation to provide tangible evidence of the success or otherwise of their initiatives.

What we offer

We have over 30 years of experience evaluating publicly-funded services, demonstrating impacts and making recommendations to increase value for money. 

We use proven methodologies and experienced teams to evaluate programmes, policies and organisations, demonstrating impacts to date and areas for development. Innovation and/or new service delivery models are often required.

Our experienced team can provide:

  • evaluation of science and innovation policy, including collaboration between universities and businesses;
  • evaluation of innovative health service initiatives, including the new health and social care integration pilots (Vanguards) and ambulance services;
  • economic profiling, strategy development, and regeneration initiatives, for councils and Local Enterprise Partnerships;
  • employment land planning and economic impact assessments of new builds; and
  • various sector studies, including logistics, chemicals, food and drink, and country sports.

To find out more about how we can enable you to better established the worth of your programmes and policies, please contact Jenny Irwin.