Feasibility studies, option appraisals and business cases

What is a feasibility study?

Making a judgement about whether or not an investment should be made can be one of the most difficult decisions a business can make. Feasibility studies, and options appraisals can help you to better establish, and minimise, the risk such investments could have on your business or organisation.

A thorough appraisal of all project and funding options is critical to ensuring success and sustainable benefits to your organisation. A good feasibility study will help to minimise the level of risks associated with significant expenditure and provide reassurance to the commissioning body that the proposed project is viable and relevant to the overall strategic goals of your organisation.

What we offer

We can enable you to make investment decisions by helping you to answer your essential questions: 

  • Should we proceed with the proposed project idea?
  • Which of our proposed options will be most effective and provide best value for money?

We have appraised initiatives across all areas of economic development including business development, start-up support and incubation services, training projects and specific initiatives such as innovation centres, technology and business parks, business improvement, enterprise, and employment zones.

Our team have also appraised a wide range of tourism events and capital developments.

Our experienced team can:

  • minimise your investment risks through undertaking a feasibility study;
  • work with you to transform your vision for capital investment into a workable concept; and
  • enable you to make the right project and funding decisions

To find out more about how feasibility studies and option appraisals can enable your organisation to better investment decisions, please contact Jenny Irwin.