Construction sector evaluation services

The construction sector is facing huge challenges, however with these challenges also come opportunities. New technologies and innovation will radically change the way the sector operates over the next decade. Therefore, funders need to ensure investment in the sector is delivering, and employers need to ensure they have the training and strategies in place for a modern construction workforce.

Construction is a strategically important sector to the UK economy as it employs 3.1m workers and exports billions of pounds of products and services. It also plays a critical role in the Industrial Strategy and via the Construction Sector Deal.

Recently the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund has invested millions of pounds in:

Our services to the construction sector

We use proven mixed method approaches to deliver:

  • Policy and programme evaluation: evaluating the outcomes and impacts of funded initiatives within the construction sector to determine if the original objectives have been achieved; and
  • Workforce strategies at a sector and employer level: assessing the skills needed and identifying areas of priority focus, the costs and timelines. 

Our construction sector research and evaluation team

Our team has extensive experience of evaluation and research into UK construction and includes economists, statisticians, analysts, policy and strategy development specialists and evaluation specialists. Our recent experience includes:

  • process and impact evaluation of funding for immersive learning - to support innovative and cost effective training solutions for on-site / off-site employees;
  • process and impact evaluation of better procurement approaches - to improve procurement performance;
  • process and impact evaluation of digital leadership training programmes – aimed at developing leaders in digital skills and facilitating digital transformation in the sector; and
  • research on mental health and wellbeing initiatives and programmes – to identify those currently in place within the UK construction sector and to inform future performance measurement.

To find out more about how our team can provide you with the evidence base you need to inform future decision making in the construction sector, please contact Jenny Irwin.