Weekly tax brief | 8 January 2019

Late payments – HMRC could help Government lead by example
George Bull
If HMRC could accelerate tax refunds by an average of two weeks, that would put an extra £1 billion into the UK economy. It would also help the government regain the high moral ground over businesses which cause hardship to their suppliers through slow payments.

Minor Finance Bill clause could have major impact on Brexit discussions   
Andrew Hubbard
Minor technical clauses buried away at the back of Finance Bill tend not to create much excitement – even among tax nerds. But suddenly one clause in the current Finance Bill, which is due to be debated tomorrow, has the potential to create real problems for the government on Brexit; but why is this?

Will Bitcoin profits give HMRC a new year to remember?
Chris Etherington
It could be a new year of cheer for HMRC as they look forward to bumper tax receipts from Bitcoin investors this January; but what do Bitcoin entrepreneurs need to consider to figure out their forthcoming tax liabilities?

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