Weekly tax brief | 6 December 2018

Netflix investigated by UK taxman – what’s the real story?
George Bull 
News that film-streaming giant Netflix is being investigated by HMRC might be seen as another example of US tech giants being caught out after bending the rules. After all, the critics say, with reported UK revenues of only £23.9 million and profit before tax of £1.1 million, there must be something wrong. To quote the Gershwin song 'It Ain’t Necessarily So'. We delve behind the headlines.

Does the Finance Bill get the scrutiny it deserves?
Andrew Hubbard
If it takes 8.5 hours to read through the Finance Bill just once, how can we be sure that tax legislation gets the scrutiny it deserves?

Technology in the tax system
Nick Blundell
The UK is ranked second in the G20 for ease of paying and administering taxes, but could HMRC be doing more to help businesses adopt new processes when they’re introduced?

Edinburgh tourist tax – what about the VAT? 
Jim Burberry
The City of Edinburgh Council's consultation on a Transient Visitor Levy (TVL) or ‘tourist tax’ closes next week, but one big unknown remains – what happens about VAT? Will visitors have to pay tax on tax?


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