Weekly tax brief | 5 June 2018

$12 trillion ‘phantom’ corporate investment – it’s not just about tax avoidance
George Bull
Using the latest transparency data, a report from the International Monetary Fund estimates that multinational corporations have invested $12 trillion in empty shell companies. On top of that, around $7 trillion of personal wealth is held in tax havens. What does it all mean?

Is alignment with EU VAT rules post-Brexit wishful thinking?
David Wilson
Whilst most of the commentary on Brexit has so far focussed on the government’s aim to have frictionless trade barriers in relation to customs duty, it seems that VAT may now be on the Brexit agenda; but will alignment with EU VAT rules work in practice?

A rock and a hard place
Rachel de Souza
Changes to contractor loans could see many individuals facing significant tax charges after 5 April 2019, but what can contractors do now to mitigate this risk?

Monitoring the impact of tax relief
Andrew Hubbard
Monitoring the impact of tax policy has been limited, but HMRC has recently released statistics demonstrating the impact of EIS and SEIS tax reliefs and the take-up across the UK, which highlights some interesting trends.

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