Weekly tax brief | 30 January 2019

Why The Beatles' legacy lives on… in tax
George Bull, Andrew Hubbard and Frank Shepherd
While at one time it may have been socially acceptable to be seen to be diddling the taxman, paying high rates of tax is now seen as a badge of honour with the top taxpayers being feted for their contributions to the Exchequer. 

What's in a postcode?
Shirley McIntosh
HMRC is embarking on a project to identify Welsh taxpayers in advance of April 2019 when the Welsh Assembly will be able to vary the rate of income tax for the first time. But will lessons be learned from the experience in Scotland where problems are still arising three years on from the introduction of devolved income tax?  

Devolution results in differential VAT treatment of welfare services across UK 
David Wilson
A recent tribunal case has pointed out that, despite the uniformity of VAT law across the UK, the VAT treatment of day-care providers in England and Wales is different from that in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The VATman’s getting ready for Brexit
David Wilson
Whilst parliamentarians continue to debate the UK’s future relationship with the EU the Treasury has quietly been amending VAT legislation in preparation for the UK leaving the EU.


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