Weekly tax brief - 28 November 2018

Beyond Brexit and the next election – a wealth tax?
George Bull 
With growing political support for a wealth tax as a means of tackling inequality and raising revenues, we look at the issues. Are property wealth and private pension wealth at particular risk?

Property taxes continue to rise
Gary Heynes and Adrian Benosiglio
Next year sees the introduction of a swathe of new taxes, and this time it's commercial property that's in the Chancellor's sights.

Tribunal sympathetic to taxpayer's mistake
Andrew Hubbard
What happens if you make a mistake which results in you facing unexpected, and perhaps unfair, tax consequences? One recent case has shown the courts grappling once again with this thorny problem.

HMRC censured for misinterpreting its own guidance
Andrew Hubbard
If HMRC tells you that something is not taxable and you prepare your return on that basis should it be allowed to change its mind and force you to pay the tax?

Think your shares qualify for entrepreneurs' relief?
Helen Relf and Chloë Ellis
Business owners breathed a sigh of relief at the Budget when the Chancellor committed to keeping capital gains tax relief for entrepreneurs. But new 'tweaks' to the rules could have far wider implications than first thought.


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