Weekly tax brief | 26 June 2019

Flaws in Labour and Conservative tax proposals betray muddled thinking
George Bull 
As regular readers of RSM’s Weekly Tax Brief will know, we keep a close eye on new tax proposals put forward by the political parties to make sure that they are clear, sensible, workable, fair and transparent. In this week’s brief, we look at two more tax proposals being considered by the Labour Party and we dissect the tax ideas of two surviving candidates for the role of leader of the Conservative party. The results are not flattering.

Why are the calls for a wealth tax growing in the US?
Chris Etherington
In the report ‘Land for the Many’, commissioned by the Labour party, a number of radical proposals have been made that seek to address wealth inequality in the UK. The proposals are courting some controversy but in contrast, calls for the introduction of a wealth tax, from US billionaires themselves, are gathering momentum in the US. So, can we learn anything from our American cousins and why is a tax on wealth gaining popularity?

Everything you wanted to know about GATT 24 but were afraid to ask
Brad Ashton 
As the Brexit debate becomes intertwined with the current battle for the leadership of the Conservative Party, it seems an opportune moment to outline a myth-busting overview of what Article 24 actually means.

Tax policies of our next PM and the impact on Scotland
Ross Stupart
As the Tory leadership election enters its final phase, we now know that our next Prime Minister will either be Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt. Each have indicated their position on future tax policies; but what do they mean for UK taxpayers and will we see further divergence of UK and Scottish taxes as a consequence?

Unintended consequences: off-payroll and pension provision
Susan Ball
Back in 2015 when the then Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced cuts to tax relief for higher earners, no one realised the unintended consequences for higher earners, off-payroll working and pension provisions.

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