Weekly tax brief | 24 July 2018

Tax and NHS funding – what can we learn from the Singapore model?
George Bull 
Debates about the UK's post-Brexit arrangements frequently draw on to models adopted by other nations. This made us wonder about tax and funding the NHS. Does the Singapore healthcare model have features which the UK could adopt?

Why the Airbnb tax isn’t bad news for everyone
Chris Etherington
Airbnb has generated millions of pounds of additional income for UK taxpayers so it’s understandable that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) wants its share. But whilst the rules have been tightened up, it isn’t bad news for everyone. Tax breaks are still available for infrequent hosts – and the most active.

Why the Chequers deal means Brussels may have last say on taxes
Chris Etherington
Whilst the debate over the merits of the Chequers plan for Brexit continues, two letters recently arrived for the UK government from the EU Commission asking it to bring its tax rules into line with EU law. What’s happening and what does this mean for the UK tax system post-Brexit?

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