Weekly tax brief | 21 November 2018

Cuts to main residence exemption: what should you do?
George Bull 
Most homeowners know that private residence relief keeps main residences out of capital gains tax (CGT). But there are also valuable ancillary reliefs that extend the relief to groups of people not occupying their main residence. Following the October Budget, those ancillary reliefs are under threat. What should you do?

Capital Allowances – what’s changed and what should you do now?
Nick Blundell
When it came to changes to the Capital Allowances regime in the Budget, the Chancellor was more generous than many had anticipated. So what has changed and what should businesses be aware of?

The non-Brexit VAT challenges for 2019
David Wilson
No matter what VAT challenges ultimately result from Brexit, the VAT changes which will take place in 2019 will certainly have a more immediate impact on many UK businesses.

What Meghan Markle teaches us about the tax status of US citizens
Andrew Hubbard
We at the weekly tax brief don’t normally find ourselves covering gossip about royalty, but when it involves taxation our interest is piqued. 

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