Weekly tax brief | 2 October 2018

Could an increase in stamp duty for non-UK residents work in practice?
Andrew Hubbard
There’s a world of difference between a headline-grabbing announcement and a workable piece of tax law. We look at the issues which have to be addressed if the proposal is to stand any chance of working.

Is Patent Box supporting all levels of business?
James Tetley
The latest Patent Box statistics show a split in benefit between large and smaller businesses, but who is gaining most from lower rates of corporation tax? Is red tape deterring smaller businesses from claiming a relief to which they may be entitled?

Can retrospective taxation ever be justified?
Andrew Hubbard
In an ever-changing tax landscape, some may think that the goal posts move frequently. Despite all these changes taxpayers and businesses adapt and apply the current taxation rates in each year. But what about retrospective taxation, and can this ever be justified?

Will UK consumers benefit from a VAT alignment agreement on e-books?
David Wilson
The European Commission is proposing to align the VAT treatment of e publications with that of traditional printed publications. If the UK does not change its stance, consumers in the UK could still be paying VAT at 20 per cent on downloaded e-publications, even though e-publishers based in the UK could sell their products at a reduced rate in other EU member states.

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