Weekly tax brief | 19 September 2018

Autumn Budget: will Amazon tax pay for NHS elderly care?
George Bull
The Prime Minister has committed to find an extra £20bn funding for the NHS. In his autumn Budget, will Philip Hammond take the role of Robin Hood and use his Amazon tax to pay for NHS elderly care?

Why expats might feel HMRC pain in Spain this autumn 
Chris Etherington
As the Requirement to Correct deadline quickly approaches at the end of the month, will it be tax evasion that feels the brunt of the new measures or will it be inadvertent errors that suffer most?

Which sector pays the greatest share of corporation tax? 
George Bull
Two sets of tax statistics published by HMRC provide important insights into the health of corporate UK. Different groups are sure to seize on different aspects of the data to support their causes, but what lessons can be learned?

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