Weekly tax brief | 18 July 2018

The UK Parliament has just voted to increase costs for consumers
David Wilson
By accepting the European Reform Group’s amendment to prevent the UK from joining the EU’s VAT regime, the UK Parliament has increased costs for UK consumers buying goods directly from EU businesses.

Big jump in number of companies offering EMI share options
Andrew Hubbard
The latest figures from HMRC show there's been a significant rise in the number of companies offering share options to employees under the Enterprise Management Incentive. The fact that only about a quarter of employees who are granted options actually exercise them suggests that the scheme is working as intended. 

Alexa – what about the non-tech savvy?
Nick Blundell
HMRC has launched another way for the technically minded to access information – by asking Alexa. But is this a helpful addition to HMRC’s information toolkit, or just a gimmick which could end up alienating some of the people who need help the most?

Will new tax abuse and insolvency plans hamper trade? 
Mark Wilson
Plans to clamp down on tax abuse involving insolvency are welcome, but is more thought needed to ensure the issue is tackled without hampering trade and business in the UK?

And finally…don't forget that payment on account!
Alex Foster
Don't forget that the 31 July deadline to pay your self-assessment payment on account is looming.

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