Weekly tax brief | 17 September 2019

Businesses using the VAT Mini One Stop Shop must switch schemes ahead of Brexit
Andy Ilsley
New figures showing the VAT generated for EU member states as a result of the cross-border trade in telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services has highlighted the importance for affected UK businesses to switch to the VAT Mini One Stop Shop scheme for non-EU members.

Will tax avoiders be hit with a bigger stick?
Chris Etherington
As Labour draws up fresh plans for its manifesto, John McDonnell has confirmed that a focus will be on tackling 'enablers' of tax avoidance 'like the big accountancy firms'. Many will be aware that accountancy firms can be held criminally liable for assisting someone with the evasion of tax but could we see similar provisions introduced for advice deemed to be facilitating tax avoidance?

The impact of removing tax breaks for independent schools
Steve Hodgetts and Rachel de Souza
Last week, the Daily Telegraph reported on a leaked shadow Treasury document which revealed Labour proposals to impose VAT on independent school fees and remove their discounted business rates. So what impact would this have on independent schools and their fee-paying parents? 

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