Weekly tax brief | 17 July 2019

Is the weaponisation of taxes here to stay?
George Bull
With France and the UK imposing new digital services taxes on big technology companies and the USA threatening to retaliate with import tariffs, UK and European businesses and consumers are likely to be caught in the crossfire of a trade and tax war. What’s going on?

New tax treatment of expenses for unpaid officeholders from April 2020
Susan Ball
Originally announced in the 2018 Budget, the draft Finance Bill 2019-20 now confirms that expenses paid or reimbursed to unpaid office-holders would be exempt from income tax. 

Changes to electric car taxation are just tinkering under the bonnet
Susan Ball
A new Treasury announcement has set out details of the benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax rates for company car drivers who choose an emissions-free electric model. But are these measures sufficient to encourage drivers and fleets to use their cars in the most environmentally-friendly way? 

Charities brace for additional VAT costs
Steve Hodgetts and Audrey Fearing
A recent judgment from the European Court risks restricting charities' VAT recovery on the generation of additional funds through investment and fundraising.

It’s wrong to leave the NHS to fix the pensions tax problem
George Bull
Political infighting within the UK government means that the NHS is being left to resolve what is described as the “NHS pensions allowance problem”. This is wrong. The Treasury should be tasked with resolving the tax problem, leaving the NHS to do what it does best: making people better. We show how.

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