Weekly tax brief | 11 September 2018

Inconvenient truth: National Insurance U-turn saves self-employed £550 a year
George Bull
Politicians and pundits alike expressed outrage at the announcement that the Government had shelved plans to scrap Class 2 NIC, arguing that this would 'cost' the self-employed £153 a year. We think that’s incorrect. Scrapping Class 2 NIC could have increased the NIC liability of the self-employed by up to £550 a year.

Global corporate tax rates - is the race to the bottom finally over?
Nick Blundell
The last decade has seen much talk of the ‘race to the bottom’ in corporate tax rates. There has indeed been a global shift towards lower rates, but is the race finally over?

Tribunal rules that a referee's decision is final
Andrew Hubbard
The tax tribunal has recently ruled that a group of football referees are not employees for tax purposes and therefore not subject to PAYE. The ruling is the latest in a raft of cases on employment status, an issue that will remain high on the agenda following news that a high-profile BBC newsreader is set to appeal an earlier decision. 

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