Weekly tax brief | 10 October 2018

Timing is everything, especially in politics
George Bull
Following the stark warning this week from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, might the Chancellor be tempted to disregard the Prime Minister's pledge and increase fuel duty? 

Tax relief plan for landlords and tenants not as simple as it sounds
Andrew Hubbard
This week Conservative think-tank Onward floated a new idea to tackle the housing crisis. The proposal is that if a private landlord sells a property to a tenant who has lived in it for more than three years there should be a 50 per cent relief from capital gains tax. The tax on the other 50 per cent should be passed to the purchasing tenant. Simple? Not really…

Options for stepping onto the housing ladder
Alex Foster
Data recently released by the BBC shows that people in their 20s who rent their property in 2/3 of Britain have to pay an 'unaffordable' amount in order to do so. Many continue living with parents or pay the higher rental costs in the market. But is there an alternative? And will the European focus on long-term rentals become the new aspiration?

Taxing the digital giants – where are we now? 
Nick Blundell
It’s nearly a year since the last Budget when the Government published a position paper setting out its proposed approach for addressing the challenges posed by the digital economy on the tax system. But where has this got to and why does it matter?

Tribunal says no to computer-generated fines
Andrew Hubbard
The extent to which HMRC can rely on computerised processes has been thrown into doubt by a tax tribunal. As we increasingly move into a digital tax environment, isn't it time for a fundamental review of the basic rules underlying the administration of the tax system? 

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