Weekly tax brief | 10 May 2018

Tax the old or tax the rich?
George Bull and Sarah Saunders
The Resolution Foundation has published the final report of the Intergenerational Commission “A New Generational Contract”. Recognising that most families are already doing whatever they can to care for their older people while supporting the younger ones, the report states categorically that “so far the state has failed to adapt”. Sadly, those families which have done most to adapt are the ones which are most likely to suffer under the new proposals.

One tax mistake and you’re out
Andrew Hubbard
In the last few days reports have emerged of individuals being denied indefinite leave to remain in the UK because of tax problem; but is the Home Office best-placed to analyse the tax position and make a crucial decision surrounding immigration status?

Is reducing the tax gap all about avoidance?
Nick Blundell
There is now more anti-avoidance legislation than ever before, but should the Government focus on making existing legislation easier to interpret rather than adding further complexity?

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