Weekly tax brief | 10 July 2019

Hot tax topics, Westminster-style
George Bull                                                               
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Taxation provides a forum for MPs and those outside Parliament to discuss hot tax topics. We summarise the issues discussed at the group’s meeting today.

Employment Allowance: stealthy removal or Brexit planning?
Susan Ball
In the ever-changing landscape of employment allowance, changes could mean over a million firms will be paying more towards their employer’s national insurance contributions (NICs) from April 2020. Will the latest changes bring clarity; or further complexity, greater confusion and as a result reduced take-up?

Simplification of inheritance tax? Yes please!
Sarah Saunders
The second report from the Office of Tax Simplification presents a range of suggestions to simplify inheritance tax; but will this lead to further tinkering of the system rather than full scale reform?

Compensation or consideration? VAT when contracts are terminated
Phil Munn and Joanne Torrens
Another European Court decision regarding HMRC’s new policy on retained deposits for unfulfilled supplies has been released, but does it bring clarity to application or muddy the waters further?

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