Portfolio risk manager

Portfolio Risk Manager presents you with an unprecedented capacity to minimise bad debt and control risk. Rate your clients and receive instant alerts when something changes.

Driven by a wealth of live data sources, Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM) is a sophisticated reporting tool that will help you better understand and support your own client base. You can use it to segment and analyse your clients, receiving immediate alerts following both positive and negative changes. Reports to you are provided at the degree of detail you specify, giving you an unprecedented level of risk control.

PRM ensures that your portfolio is monitored, cleansed, reviewed and verified. All client data is transferred via a secure FTP site, and access to PRM is via a password-protected domain, restricted to user and location.

A unique health-rating function lets you select precise criteria to cleanse your portfolio, and to assign Gold, Silver & Bronze ratings. Your ledger is monitored on a daily basis, giving you intuitive ‘RAG’ (Red-Amber-Green) alerts – all of this means you can take a truly proactive approach to minimising bad debt.

Adding or removing individual accounts from your portfolio is simple and can be carried out on a regular basis. With additional support from the Tracker system, endless up-to-the-minute streams of financial, adverse and business information are on-hand and easily accessible.

In summary, PRM offers:

  • a user-friendly way to monitor, cleanse, review and verify your portfolio
  • an intuitive web interface
  • immediate reporting, at the detail you require
  • detailed filtering options
  • an extensive range of charts, snapshots and alerts
  • unique health ratings (gold, silver, bronze)
  • RAG alerts

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