Dividend watch

Try our unique Dividend Watch system to boost the success rate of your insolvency claims while cutting costs. The time-savings can be substantial and unsuccessful claims won't cost you a penny.

All insolvency dividend claims require close management. Our unique Dividend Watch system doesn't merely cut costs and increase returns. It also turns an administrative headache into a valuable strategic planning tool.

All day-to-day tasks are handled by Dividend Watch, including the burdensome proof-of-debt paperwork. You'll see your dividends transformed over time from a cash graveyard into a predictable cash flow. Real-time information and detailed forecasts give you a level of management control that reveals whole new trends, threats and market opportunities.

Choose Dividend Watch if you're looking for:

  • higher claim success rates
  • cradle-to-grave claim management
  • all correspondence taken care of
  • real-time and detailed online reporting
  • meaningful cash flow projections
  • strategic business benefits

Dividend watch is a no-win-no-fee service, so you won't pay for unsuccessful claims. Our clients range from owner-managed businesses through to major utilities and banks. Talk to us today about removing the dividend management burden from your business and improving your own payout rates.

Visit the Dividend Watch website for further information or email Robert Beat.