Business reviews

Turning a business around is all but impossible without a full understanding of its current situation. A detailed business review is the essential first step, so that the starting position is known in full.

We can carry out a thorough review, which will include a comprehensive check of current and projected financials, together with a summary of the proposed changes to the asset base of a business. This allows us to establish the viability of the business quickly and effectively.

If you have referred a client or supplier via the Tracker website, we will contact them to arrange an appointment at your request. In subsequent meetings we'll present our findings in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. To ensure the best possible outcome, your client will also receive advice and recommendations regarding the immediate and longer-term actions they need to take.

A business review is an important step if any of the following apply:

  • your clients or your own business are experiencing financial difficulties and need professional help
  • you or a client are trying to raise additional finance, and your bank or asset-based lender has requested a review
  • an independent and thorough review of current business strategy is required to ensure long-term viability

Contact your usual RSM representative for more information.