Wider business benefits

In addition to Tracker’s valuable core features, we have added a range of useful extras based on the needs of our users. Discover how you can use Tracker for much, much more than merely monitoring your clients financial health.

Tracker brings benefits to almost all business functions. Going beyond monitoring bad debts, it encompasses priorities in marketing, sales, risk/compliance and senior management strategies. Tracker has proven its value to many organisations as a business development tool to generate new opportunities. You'll find it simple to produce specific, comprehensive data lists that will help you with your marketing and sales activities. Searching by financial criteria, sector or postcode is similarly straightforward. With Tracker, you can target highly desirable potential clients that fit your business portfolio.

Having spent many years developing and refining Tracker, we have built up a sound knowledge of what our clients want. This has led us to create a compelling range of extras, with benefits including:

  • tighter portfolio management
  • prior business intelligence on new contracts
  • information on competitors and suppliers
  • targeted demographic and sector distribution lists for focused sales
  • accurate credit levels based on client financial health
  • immediate web-based access, empowering multiple users
  • client book risk summaries for financial institutions
  • no charge for Companies House documents.

To see how the wider benefits of Tracker extend far beyond the monitoring of bad debt, please arrange a demonstration.