Core benefits

The core benefits of Tracker include reducing your chances of bad debt, accessing credit scores and other key financial information, whilst cleansing your data under one system.

Tracker and Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM) can be used by all business functions, including the senior management team. These tools bring important enhancements to portfolio management and wider business decisions. Tracker users in credit control, finance, sales and marketing departments have found a variety of applications for the software.

The core benefits include:

  • easier access to key financial information, including RAG alerts and Gold-Silver-Bronze ‘health’ ratings from PRM
  • a reduced chance of bad debts, with drill-down reports as well as customisable e-mail alerts
  • immediate credit scores for new and existing clients
  • ongoing information on the financial performance of competitors and suppliers
  • more accurate credit decisions based on clients’ actual financial health
  • cleansing of client and supplier data, under one integrated system
  • comprehensive management information reports, which can be used to present the risk of your client book to financial institutions if required

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