How it works

Bad debts can damage any business. There are often warning signs, but few businesses have the resources to monitor and analyse every existing and prospective relationship– until they discover Tracker.

Tracker transforms business risk, giving you immediate online access to critical information that is cleansed against your own portfolio. Setup is fast, with no installation and a highly intuitive interface.

Tracker: the power to investigate

Tracker provides a powerful business risk toolkit, allowing you to investigate the activity and financial health of all clients, competitors and suppliers. Designed by licensed insolvency practitioners, the system collates data from a wide range of trusted live sources. This gives you timely access to important financial information, often before it is more widely known.

Details include:

  • address/data changes
  • administration orders
  • unadvertised petitions
  • High Court Writs

You can explore events regarding sole traders, limited companies or quoted businesses, ensuring a meaningful reduction in your business and financial risks. Tracker is also a valuable new business tool, enabling you to create lists of vetted new businesses directly from your queries.

PRM: automated alerts and health ratings

Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM) extends the core Tracker service still further, and particularly suits businesses with larger numbers of clients. You can easily create fully customisable Red-Amber-Green (RAG) alerts to reflect your precise business needs and data volumes. For example, you might define a County Court Judgment (CCJ) or a shareholder change as a 'Red' alert, and decide that all such alerts should be despatched individually in real time. In this scenario, 'Amber' alerts might be accessed by drilling down into PRM/Tracker reports, or delivered as a daily summary email. The 'Green' alerts provided by PRM are valuable when considering potential new business opportunities. As an additional benefit, the system also gives you a unique ability to apply Gold-Silver-Bronze ‘health’ ratings to your entire portfolio.

Valuable across the whole organisation

By providing access to different users, you can target new business, monitor client health, set credit levels and avoid bad debts. Find out more about who can benefit from Tracker.

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