The Duchesses of Telford

The team

The bid team and consulting administration team have joined together to create The Duchesses of Telford.


Team members

Kathryn Styler, Sarann Durose, Michelle Gregory, Jag Bungaroo, Donna Bishop, Simie Longmore, Tracy Johnson

The challenge

We completed our challenge on Saturday 23 July in the Telford office. Using static exercise bikes and walking blocks of the office we covered the 364.8km distance from the Telford office to the Edinburgh office. With support from family and friends joining in we managed to reach our destination in just over five and half hours. We posted updates on facebook and twitter throughout the day as we reached milestone distances. The DofE even retweeted one of our posts! See our photos here.


On Thursday 11 August we learnt the basic skills of Krav Maga – an Israeli army self defence that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from aikido; judo; boxing and wrestling. We’re definitely not a group of ladies to be messed with.

Team building

On Sunday 18 September we will be taking part in wilderness training – Bear Grylls stylee. We will be going into the wilds of Shropshire to create a shelter with our own hands using mallets and tent pegs which we are making ourselves, chopping up firewood and making a fire to cook on. We’re hoping it’s not an outside compostable toilet!!


To support our fundraising we provided a buffet during Euro 2016 and have another couple of fundraising events planned including a curry day and jacket potato day. Anyone would think we like food! Some of the money raised for the office dress down collection has also been donated to the team for an extra boost. So far we have raised over £1000 and we are hoping to increase this further over the next few months with our additional fundraising events and donations from our generous colleagues, family and friends.