The Bristol team - climbing the height of Snowdon

The team

All of the Bristol office.


Learn to climb on a mobile climbing wall.

Team development

For some members of the team this will involve facing their fear of heights and for others we will be working together to help these people in completing the challenge.


The objective is to climb the height of Snowdon on a mobile climbing wall in the office car park. This requires 140 successful climbs of the wall.

Challenge updates

On the 5 August the Bristol office successfully completed their Duke of Edinburgh Diamond challenge. At 10.30am the lorry carrying the 24 foot mobile climbing wall pulled up into the car park outside the office and our team members nervously readied themselves for the challenge ahead!

We had set the goal of collectively climbing the height of Mount Snowdon, a daunting 3,560 ft. The wall can take four people climbing at once but as there was a time limit of four hours the clock was ticking. 

We had some brave people who, although scared of heights, gave it a shot and the fastest time of the day to scale the wall came from Tris Gibbons at dizzying 8.9 seconds! A number of team did several climbs with Tony, Tris, Clare B, Clare M, Polly, Rachel and Rob doing 10 or more climbs (equivalent to 250 ft). 

The team were out in force and with a fantastic group effort we managed to surpass our goal of Snowdon by over 500 ft and even came in under time by a whole hour!

All in all it was a fantastic day with a great barbecue and even the weather co-operating. We are all hoping to raise as much money to help the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award achieve its Diamond Ambition to enable two million young people to start their DofE by 2020.